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Dan Wesson 715 - 6"Revolver, Silver, Full Power Version, US
Article no.: 50110
Dan Wesson 6"revolver (Special version including reduced velocity cartridges )
Article no.: 50109
Dan Wesson 715 - 6"Revolver, Steel Grey, Low Power, US Version
Article no.: 50101
Dan Wesson 715, 2,5" Airsoft, Silver
Article no.: 50077
Dan Wesson 715, 4" Airsoft, Steel grey
Article no.: 50076
Dan Wesson 6"revolver
Article no.: 50065
Dan Wesson 2.5"revolver
Article no.: 50045
Dan Wesson 4"revolver
Article no.: 50034
Dan Wesson 6"revolver
Article no.: 50033
Dan Wesson 8"revolver
Article no.: 50032
Dan Wesson 715, 2,5" Pellet Airgun, Silver
Article no.: 18615
Dan Wesson 715, 2,5" Airgun, Silver
Article no.: 18614
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