Pro optics

Pro Optics

STRIKE SYSTEMS® Pro Optics is designed especially for Airsoft players, who need accurate and reliable optics that provides optimal targeting and clear field of view. STRIKE SYSTEMS® Pro Optics even meets the high requirements for real firearm optics. 
The Pro Optics series consists of both Scopes and Dot sights.

The STRIKE SYSTEMS® Pro Optics scopes are perfect choices when you need both functionality and classic looks. The lenses are fully coated for sharp and bright clear images. The whole line of STRIKE SYSTEMS® Pro Optics scopes has been nitrogen purged to make the metal bodies 100% water-, fog- and  shockproof. All scopes can be windage- and elevation adjusted and all scopes come with both front and rear protection caps.

The STRIKE SYSTEMS® Pro Optics Dot-sights provide an illuminated reticle; they are often used with both eyes open, giving you a full field of view. This makes target finding very fast compared to scopes and iron sights. Non-magnifying dot sight are therefore particularly well suited for mounting on Airsoft guns used for close range engagement and CQB style games – pistols, sub-machine guns and shotguns.

Check out the STRIKE SYSTEMS® Pro Optics products here

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